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photo by Amy Shutt amyshuttphotography.comDiscovering birds has been quite an adventure for me.  I've learned so much and I've been amazed to find all these great birds right under my nose!  Read my story hereOne of the most important things I've learned is how important it is to share this experience with others.  This website is a way to share pictures, videos, and my observations with you.  My blog has even more current information and pictures showing what I've been seeing -- check it out, too.  Hope you enjoy seeing what I saw! 

Are you a beginner?  Click here to
Get Started with Birding.

Looking for places to bird in the Baton Rouge area? 
Try some of these locations

Do you love hummingbirds?  Who doesn't love these amazing, tiny wonders?  
Click here  to find out more about attracting them to your yard with feeders and flowers.  And find out why we here in Louisiana should not take our feeders down in the winter!  

Do you have kids who love birds and wants to learn more about them?  We have a club for that!  Read about KidsWhoBird.

I've discovered a lot of great online resources for finding out about Louisiana birds.  Here are a few:

Louisiana Birding Trails  - project of the Louisiana Office of Travel. Provides information of locations across the state that are good for birding, as well as maps and driving information - information maintained by local birders of bird-related events across the state of Louisiana

Louisiana Important Bird Areas - maps and information detailing thousands of acres across the state of LA that provide critical habitat for birds

Louisiana Ornithological Society - LA Bird Records Committee, the Journal of LA Ornithology, articles, newsletter, meeting information

Baton Rouge Audubon Society - membership, newsletter, field trips, programs, special projects

LSU Bird Resource Center - report unusual bird sightings, find out about bird census projects, join the LABIRD listserv

What birds are Louisiana birders talking about right now?

LABIRD Louisiana Birder Email Listserv



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